What Do David Goggins and Seneca Have In Common?

This blog focuses on one very important life lesson that will better equip you for any obstacle you face.

You may be asking yourself "How on Earth do these 2 people even come up in the same sentence??" Well my friends let me tell you.

For those of you that don’t know, David Goggins is an Ultramarathon runner, Author, Motivational Speaker, retired Navy Seal and many more! He has been described as uncommon amongst uncommon men. For me, he is a source of inspiration to keep fighting no matter how difficult things are.

Seneca on the other hand was a Philosopher born in Spain and raised in Rome. He lived from 4 BC - 65 AD and his writings throughout history have become one of the most commonly referred to sources for ancient Stoicism. He was also very well known to be a play writer in which all of his plays were tragedies.

So a retired Navy Seal and a Stoic Philosopher…you still may be wondering what the 2 have in common. You are probably confused more so since reading their brief descriptions. Well allow me to explain.

Seneca once said “Constant exposure to danger will breed contempt for them”. Not only was this something he said but something he lived by. He was the adviser to the Roman Emperor Nero from AD 49 - AD 64 which one could only imagine came with its fair share of danger.

In David Goggins book ‘Can’t Hurt Me’, David constantly talks about pushing past pain and demolishing fear. He talks about putting calluses on your mind in order to become brave and push yourself through pain to accomplish goals. In order for him to have achieved such a mindset, he had to constantly do what he feared and do what was difficult. From being over-weight and spraying for cockroaches as a job to being an Ultramarathon Runner and retired Navy Seal, David Goggins is a living embodiment of Seneca’s quote and belief. As David was constantly exposed to danger, his actions now show that he is contempt with the danger. If anything, he now embraces the danger.

So what can be learnt from this? What can be learnt is that by constantly doing what you find to be difficult and fearful of, will ultimately make you a stronger human being. You will be better prepared for any obstacle that comes your way in your life as you would have become comfortable with difficult and dangerous situations.

Use David Goggins and Seneca as sources of inspiration. Whenever you are faced with danger or difficulty, never shy away from it. Always remember the words “Constant exposure to danger will breed contempt for them”.