Plato, Music and Me.

Click this article to see what Plato had to say about music in the universe and my experiences with different genres.

If you don’t know Plato, he was an Athenian philosopher born 423 BC it is believed and died 348 AD. He is credited as being one of the most influential figures in Ancient Greece and a crucial figure in Western Philosophy.

He was the founder of the Platonist school of thought and the Academy which was the first institution of higher learning in the Western World.

As the founder of the Platonist school of thought, he was quite an intelligent man and believed that music specifically had a big part to play in people’s lives. He wasn’t a musician but he did say the following about music:

This goes to show that Plato saw the importance of music in life. He believed that music would truly inspire someone to act on their thoughts and put what they imagined into action. This is something I can definitely speak for.

I am a very musically inclined person and in my spare time, I love to listen to all sorts of genres. Genres such as:

  • Rap

  • Hip-Hop

  • RnB

  • Soul

  • Jazz

  • House

  • Orchestra and Symphonies

  • Dance

When I listen to each one of these genres, they make me feel a certain type of way. When I listen to Soul and Symphonies, I find myself reflecting on life and my loved ones. I find myself thinking quite deep thoughts that lead to me acting on certain thoughts.

When I listen to House and Dance music I feel energetic and quite positive. This type of music leads to me feeling energised and enthusiastic.

I believe all of these genres speak to different parts of me and unlock different parts of me I never knew existed. I am a very musically inclined person and I love the way different genres make me feel. This is why I agree with Plato’s word as music gives a soul to my universe, wings to the thoughts in my mind and allows my imagination to go far and beyond.

Music gives that breathe of life to my life as I believe it does to many of you also. On the back of this philosophy, I encourage all of you to explore different genres of music without worrying about what others may think of you.

I used to fear being judged for listening to a certain type of genre but now, I care not for the judgement. I care not because I reap the benefits of doing what I want and do not allow others thoughts to stop me from exploring myself.

Obviously, you don’t have to, but I encourage you to explore more of yourself which music could be the key to unlocking. Listen more and begin to discover yourself!

All the best on your life’s journey my friends!


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