Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021.

What a teacher 2020 was for us all. What did 2020 teach you?

As 2020 comes to an end, there is a lot to take in and reflect upon.

Together as a society, we have experienced much difficulty. One difficulty in particular is Covid-19 (obviously). As Covid-19 continues to impact each the world, there are many things we have learnt because of it.

We have learnt that our perfect bubbles that we think we live in can easily be destroyed. Waking up, going to work, paying a mortgage, going to the gym and many other things, all this can come to a screeching halt in a matter of moments.

We have also learnt that there are many people, when their bubbles are destroyed, do not know anything but to panic and lose their minds. However, there are others who remain calm and figure out how to adapt in order to survive.

2020 has truly shown some of us that we are not yet capable of adapting to change and are not able to comprehend the world being in turmoil.

However, 2020 has also shown that there are many of us who can turn a negative situation into a positive situation. From not being able to go the gym, to then exercising at home. From losing an office job, to then starting an online business. From always being on the run mentally, to calming down and using the time to focus on one’s wellbeing. These are just some of things that people have started to do and as you can see, many positives have come from 2020.

For me personally, the brand of mine The Philosophers Army was literally non-existent. It wasn’t until I was forced to work from home that I began to discover myself and what I was passionate about. I discovered my love for philosophy and wanting to genuinely add value to other people’s lives. I found that I truly care about others and want the best for people. I also started to double down on my health, started to exercise frequently and with intent. I managed to also completed a Diploma in Digital Marketing as well as being on the verge of finishing my degree in Financial Planning.

As I reflect on 2020, it has taught me a lot about myself. It has taught me that I am adaptable and that I cope well under pressure. It also taught me that digital marketing, helping others and philosophy are real passions of mine.

All of these learnings I will be taking with me into 2021 and improving upon them. Prior to 2020, I never really had a second to think about my strengths, weaknesses and direction because my life was always soo busy! Constantly on the go and not thinking clearly when I thought I was. I think that happens when you are constantly being taken away from what make you who you are.

One thing I want to see from people is that, moving forward, where we have certain strengths, we should help people who do not have certain strengths. Where we have weaknesses, we should work on these weaknesses and help each other with them. I want to see people in 2021 come together and help each other with their problems. I mean, after all, we are one big community and we are all in this together.

Focus on what you can control, retain what is useful and disregard what has no use.

Goodbye 2020…you were a great teacher. I welcome you with open arms 2021…let’s see what you shall bring!

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