Devote Yourself To A Path.

Are you living a life that you gain no personal satisfaction from? Read this.

Are you currently working a job that you simply need to pay the bills? Do you find it extremely difficult just to get out of bed in the morning and start your day? Well my friends, for those of you who are, I know exactly what this feels like and you need to read this.

Some of you are working a job because others are impressed by it or simply because the money is good. In the short term, you will find happiness. However, this is shallow happiness. In the long term, you will find yourself changing as a person. If you continue down this path, you will lose patience, you will lose motivation and you will start to build yourself as a human with negative traits.

Many of us have already fallen into this trap. It is quite common to find someone working a job simply for the money because obviously, we all need to survive. Society has done a great job at making us realise we need money but not making us realise that we need happiness and real satisfaction from life.

This is why I am writing this my friends. I am writing this to tell you that from the moment you wake, devote yourself to whatever it is that you want to pursue. One way I found out what it is that I wanted to pursue was by doing the following:

  • Trying many jobs and learning about what I liked/didn’t like.

  • Not listening to others telling me what I should do.

  • Removing myself from negative or draining environments.

These methods I repeated consistently until my mind became clearer day by day. Believe me when I tell you that I understand it is not easy to simply give up your job and start doing what you like. Some of us (including myself) have bills, families and commitments to maintain. What I am telling you is to start the process of figuring out what it is that speaks to you. Give it attention each day until it blossoms into something beautiful.

It is not worth living the ONLY life that you will ever have being unsatisfied. Lead by example and show your loved ones that with discipline and consistency, you can find what it is that you love and you can live a great life by doing it.

You don’t have to use the three methods that I did, but that was something that helped me. From working a soul sucking job to now focusing on passions such as writing and my brand, The Philosophers Army.

Charles Darwin once said:

Stop wasting the time in your life on things that mean nothing to you and focus on things that mean something to you.

Believe me, it will not be easy but as long as you implement discipline and consistency, you will not fail.

Good luck on your journey my friends. I truly hope you all find a path that brings real value to your life.

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